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Experience the Jungle

7 Days – 6 Nights

The Moconá is 337 kilometers from the city of Posadas and 322 kilometers from Iguazu. It is one of the great sights of the Misiones province, a geological fault where the Yabotí, Pepirí Guazú, Uruguay, Serapio and Calixto rivers meet. Moconá Falls is actually a three-mile-long canyon with parallel waterfalls. Unlike a waterfall or cataract his fall is performed transversely, possibly up to 25 meters and up to a depth of 115 meters.

Transportation, is specially equipped with the necessary protocol measures to make your trip pleasant and safe.

The observation of Moconá falls will depend on the height of Uruguay River, since sometimes the level of the river is very high and it is not possible to contemplate this natural sight in its entire splendor.


Day 01: Posadas

Arrival to Posadas. Reception at the airport or bus station and transfer to selected hotel.
Rest of the day at leisure.

Posadas: 2 Night accommodation. Breakfast included

Dinner included.

Day 02: Posadas – Parque de la Cruz – San Ignacio

Breakfast. Early departure to enjoy Posadas panoramic city tour. We will visit the Historic Center with the Government House, the Cathedral of San José, the iconic Savoy Hotel and the Paraguayan Park, a recreational place that has a green area, a viewpoint overlooking the Paraná River and access to the historic Manuel Antonio Ramírez Amphitheater.
Next we continue to the “Bajada Vieja”, the neighborhood which was the origin of the city, at the end of the 19th century, when the Triple Alliance War ended, attracting settlers to the area, who built their homes in a very precarious way using wood, adobe and straw, on an old stony street that went down to the Paraná River.
We also take a panoramic walk along “Costanera” avenue, to enjoy the majestic Paraná river borders.

Later, we leave Posadas to go to “Cruz de Santa Ana Theme Park”, located on Santa Ana hill, 360 meters above sea level, an area of pure native forest, with waterfalls, autochthonous trees and birds and natural viewpoints.
Within the complex we can also visit its butterfly farm, the orchid garden and a very special place, its beautiful chapel contemplating La Cruz (The Cross)
Free time for lunch at the Park restaurant.

Then we continue to SAN IGNACIO MINÍ, which is the best preserved of the Jesuit missions of the 16th and 17th centuries in Argentine territory. The church, the Casa de los Padres (Priests’ house), the cemetery, the houses and the town hall are distributed around a central square.
San Ignacio was built with the local stone, the red sandstone, which used in large pieces.
The impressive restoration work has allowed that, despite years of deterioration, most of the walls remain standing.
San Ignacio Miní Jesuit Reduction, along with those of Nuestra Señora de Loreto, Santa Ana and Santa María la Mayor (located in Argentina), were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984.

Then, in the afternoon, we start our way back to Posadas.
Dinner included with dishes from the Misiones kitchen.

Day 03: Posadas – Camellias Golf – Tea Route – El Soberbio – Yabotí Reserve:

Breakfast and departure from Posadas to start this beautiful journey to the inland of Misiones province.
Our first stop will be at Las Camellias Golf Club, where the Tea House is located. Built by an English couple in 1910 and restored later in the 20th century architecture style, steeped in history and culture.
The Tea Route (Ruta del Te) opens its doors so that you can start the day with an exciting tour about crop procedure and tea production, visit the tea gardens, the scale factory where strand teas are produced and at the end of the tour will enjoy a pleasant tasting of cold or hot teas.
Lunch at Camellias Golf Club.

We continue our journey to the town of El Soberbio to finally arrive at the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve.

Moconá: 2 Night accommodation at Virgin Lodge by Don with Full Board

Accommodation at Moconá Virgin Lodge by Don, in rooms with 15 m2 decks from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the jungle and the Yabotí stream.
Its cuisine transmits the colors, textures and flavors of Misiones jungle.

The Yabotí Biosphere Reserve is one of the largest protected areas in the Province of Misiones. It has an area of ​​250,000 hectares within the hotel is located.
It gives you the chance to get to know the typical fauna and flora of the jungle, delight yourself with the song of local birds, breathe fresh air, contemplate the starry sky and taste native flavors in a unique landscape and in full contact with nature.
Adrenaline, contemplation, relaxation and energy are some of the emotions that you can experience with the activities proposed from specialized guides.

Dinner at the Lodge.

Day 04: Moconá – One day in the jungle:

After breakfast we will enjoy the Excursion to the Moconá Provincial Park.
We will enjoy nature from the beginning of the route that connects El Soberbio with the Moconá Provincial Park. Spectacular viewpoints, specially the one over the Uruguay River.
Within almost 1000 hectares destined to the Park, it is possible to see a lot of species of flora and fauna. Walking the trails and paths will allow us to discover at each step, how thick vegetation coexists harmoniously, with abundant presence of arborescent ferns, “tacuará” bushes and old trees.
There are also a great varieties of birds, mammals, fish and amphibians, in a space that has become one of the last refuges for the fauna represented by the large birds of the jungle and large mammals, such as “yaguareté” (jaguar).
A journey of 1200 meters to the pier “Piedra de Bugre” will allow us to access to the boats, specially equipped, that will take us on the adventure of navigating the Uruguay river and to observe the Falls.

Important: the navigation is subject to the falls visibility, whose height depends exclusively on weather conditions. When the Uruguay River is higher than normal, the falls are not visible.

During the afternoon, we will schedule some of the following activities with the lodge coordinator:

“Sendero Oveja Negra” (Salto Horacio) Black sheep Trail (Horatio Waterfall)
Oveja Negra trail will transport us to the heart of Misiones jungle. Will the help of a personalized guide we will be able to interpret the different species of flora and fauna, characteristic of the Atlantic forest. The 2-hour tour joins the course of the Arroyo (stream) “Oveja Negra” with the wonderful Salto Horacio.
Through a trekking of medium difficulty, you will experience the incredible sensation of entering the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, until you reach the legendary Horacio Waterfall. It is a waterfall that reaches 18 meters in height and can be seen from different stops. The rest of the tour, the guest can cool off on the banks of the waterfall and, the more adventurous, will immerse themselves in the lagoon that the Arroyo “Oveja Negra” and the Horacio waterfall.
Through a trekking of medium difficulty, you will experience the incredible sensation of entering the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, until you reach the legendary Horacio Waterfall, a 18meter high fall that can be seen from different points. During the remaining time we can cool off on the banks of the waterfall and, the more adventurous ones, will swim in the lagoon by the Arroyo “Oveja Negra” and the Horacio waterfall.

Tapirs Viewpoint
Observation and interpretation are the main axes of this experience. We will walk along paths under the stars and we will come across footsteps, textures and sounds of the Misiones jungle.
The path will lead us to the “sobrado y salro”, a traditional hunting model that is currently used for photographic hunting and wildlife watching, where a “tapir”, the largest land mammal in the jungle, might appear.
This experience is ideal for animals & nature lovers.

Zip line in the jungle
We enter the jungle in a different way. We will live the experience of flying like birds among the treetops on our 250 meters zip line, crossing the riverbed of the Oveja Negra stream and the famous Horacio waterfall.
The activity is divided into two stages of 250 meters each. In the first stage we will fly at about 55 m. high over the Oveja Negra valley and in the second one, we will fly at about 30 m. high above the Horacio waterfall, looking up the jungle in all its splendor with an unique aerial view.
The duration is one hour and the degree of difficulty is low.

Yabotí Tubing
Tranquility and contemplation. We will be carried away by the calm waters of Yabotí stream. We will enjoy the sensations offered by the combination of the serene sound of the water, the wind in the jungle and the infinite blue of the sky that descends downstream in one of the least polluted streams in Argentina.
Ideal for lovers of relaxation and nature. The duration of the tour is one hour, there are no restrictions and its difficulty is low.

We will experience a unique contact with the Yabotí Stream in our kayaks, navigating its crystal clear waters on a tour that ends at Uruguay River’s mouth. There will be a photo stop at “Tripartito” viewpoint.
The Yabotí stream is one of the most impressive water courses in the Biosphere Reserve. Its calm and shallow waters make that the reflection of the gallery forest, which covers its margins, increase the sensation of being immersed in a deep and infinite green.
The tour begins at the pier of the lodge from where we travel almost 2,000 meters to Yabotí’s mouth into the Uruguay River in front of Brazil. This place is known as “Barra Pepirí”. The spectacular view of the river and the Do Turvo State Park deserves a break to contemplate the landscape. Finally we return to the hotel pier.
This tour lasts approximately 2 hours and the only requirement to participate is knowing how to swim.

Rappel en Salto de agua
The most daring will be able to test their adrenaline on the rappel descents in the Salto Horacio canyon. At their side they will contemplate a 20-meter waterfall with crystalline waters, which completes a majestic landscape.
This activity begins with a 200-meter walk to the first launch deck. The duration is 1 hour and the degree of difficulty is medium.

Day 05: Moconá – Puerto Iguazú

Breakfast. Check out 11.00 am. Luggage must be ready for keeping it up by lodge staff.
Morning at leisure to select other activities or enjoy the environment.
Lunch at the hotel.
Afternoon, transfer to Puerto Iguazú (duration 03h00 estimated)

Puerto Iguazú: 2 Night accommodation at selected hotel.


Day 06: Puerto Iguazú:

Argentinean Waterfalls (full day)
Declared “World Natural Patrimony of the Humanity” by the UNESCO, the Iguazú Falls are a sublime spectacle. They are located within a wild uncultivated setting surrounded by subtropical vegetation. Its 275 falls, some of them with more than 70 metres of height, make up a world of cascades that fall with such a strength that give birth to clouds of little atomized drops, in which the sun light decomposes in spectacular rainbows.

Iguazu Falls

”Lower walk”: this walk makes the waterfalls sight possible. You can have panoramic sights from the “Garganta del Diablo” and Brazilian waterfalls. Duration 2 hours. Staircases, similar to an eight-storey building.
“Superior Walk”: the high footbridges will take you to the fallen line of different rainfalls. Duration: 1 hour. It has not staircases, it does not require a big physical effort.
”Garganta del Diablo” (Devil’s Throat): you can get there by the “Cataratas” train. There visitors must walk up to big balconies where you can see the front and the border of the rainfalls. Duration: 1.30 hours. There are not staircases.

OPTIONAL: Great Adventure
It is an 8 kilometers circuit through the jungle in a 4×4 truck, plus a 6 kilometers motor boat on the Iguazú river rapids, which includes a closing to the Devil’s Throat and San Martin falls.
Duration: 1 hour aprox.

Day 07: Puerto Iguazu – Foz do Iguassu – Brazilian Falls – Out

Breakfast. Check out 11.00 am with luggage.

Brazilian Waterfalls (half day)
The Iguaçu National Park is at 25 kilometers from Foz do Iguaçu city. It has 1 kilometer long walkway from which the 275 falls can be seen from a front panoramic view.
Since the majority of the falls are in the Argentinean side, Brazil offers the best panoramic views: general panoramic view, side view of Devil’s Throat, and front view of the four Brazilian falls.
Duration: 4 hours aprox.

After the tour:

If your travel continues to other destination in Brazil, transfer to Foz do Iguassu airport. Please book a flight after 4.00 or 5.00 pm.

If your travel continues to Argentina, transfer back to Argentina, Puerto Iguazú airport. Please book a later pm flight. This day you will have to cross the border twice.

End of our services


Bring personal documents, comfortable clothing, footwear adventure activity, insect repellent, and sunscreen.


This is a taylormade program that can be adapted to the passengers
needs and wishes


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