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Fun & Adventure

7 Days – 6 Nights


Known for its biodiversity, Mato Grosso do Sul has an important source of income based on ecological tourism, especially in the Pantanal region. Recognized by Unesco as a World Heritage site, the Pantanal is a plain that floods periodically and is one of the most diverse nature reserves on the planet. The main city in Pantanal is Corumba, whose main activity is fishing. Serra da Bodoquena, where the city of Bonito is located, developed from intense sedimentation and turned into a calcareous rock which extends 220 km from the city of Miranda until Porto Murtinho. The State capital, Campo Grande, is marked by diverse customs and cuisine, and reflects cultural traces left by the Indians, migrants from Brazil and other countries such the Syrian-Lebanese, Japanese, Bolivian and Paraguayan.


Considered one of the best ecotourism destinations in Brazil, Bonito is located in the southeast region of Mato Grosso do Sul and has outstanding landscapes. Among the main attractions of the region, there are bathing in waterfalls, hiking trails, boat trips, and observation of aquatic animals in crystal clear waters. Those more venturesome can face the Anhumas Abyss, which has a 72–meter high rappel into a crevasse that gives access to a lake of calm waters where it is possible to dive.



Day 01 ⇒ Campo Grande – Pantanal

Arrival to Campo Grande, Capital of the state of Mato Gorsso do Sul. Reception at the airport and private transfer to the Pantanal. Arrival, lodging and free time. Dinner followed by a night walk to observe wildlife.

Pantanal: 3 Night accommodation on full board basis


Day 02 ⇒ Pantanal – Photografhic safari

Breakfast and departure for a photographic safari, observation of the fauna and flora of the Pantanal. An excursion in vehicles adapted to take beautiful photos of the flora and fauna of the Pantanal, accompanied by bilingual guides specialized in the region. During this tour it is possible to observe the peculiarities and contrasts of the vegetation, as well as a great variety of animals. Return to the inn, lunch and free time.
In the afternoon horseback riding in the fields of the Pantanal. Horseback riding is the most traditional way to explore the Pantanal like the pantaneiros (local cowboys) do, on horseback! Our horses are tame and used to the easy hike of the journey that aims to search for animals. In this tour, the Pantaneiro guides carry in their saddlebag the tereré – typical regional drink – similar to hot mate, but with cold water.
During the walk you can see typical animals of the Brazilian savannah, such as armadillos, anteaters, deer, rheas and countless species of birds.
Return to the inn, dinner and free night.

Day 03 ⇒ Pantanal – More adventures

Breakfast and departure for a canoe ride through the Rio del Pantanal. It takes place in the freshwater lakes around the lodge. Passengers can paddle in Canadian three-seat canoes and get up close to the swamp vegetation and water birds. It is also a good opportunity to hear the local sounds and admire the biodiversity of the Pantanal. Lunch and rest.
End of the afternoon and taking advantage of the colors of the sunset, departure for a night Safari operated in open 4×4 adapted vehicles, using a powerful long-range flashlight to observe twilight and nocturnal animals such as anteaters, foxes, capybaras, alligators, crab foxes, ocelots, tapirs, deer, owls, night hawks and hopefully the beautiful jaguar. During the night, the strong light used to detect animals is reflected in their eyes. We present to visitors the possibility of encountering some of these animals during this night trip. We travel through rice fields (a good place to spot mammals) and wooded areas. During the dry season (generally between June and October) it is possible to cross the beautiful area of Corixo Seco, which has an intact and dense forest. Our cars, called Jaguaretê (Jaguar), Jaguatirica (Ocelot) and Guará (Wolf), were built especially for this trip. Mounted in Toyota vans equipped with seats at three different levels to facilitate observation of the animals by everyone in the car.

Day 04 ⇒ Pantanal – Bonito

Breakfast and a last walk in destination, walks along the trails of the Pantanal for the last photos.
Lunch and departure to Bonito. Arrival to Bonito, accommodation at the hotel and rest of the day at leisure.

3 Night accommodation. Breakfast included.


Day 05 ⇒ Bonito – Blue Lagoon Cave – Barra del Rio Sucuri

Breakfast and departure to visit the Blue Lake Cave. A short path through the jungle to reach the impressive cavern from where the walk begins and the journey inside it, descending to a few meters near the underground lagoon. Impressive speleothems can be observed throughout the tour that ends in a beautiful body of water more than 80 meters deep.
In the afternoon we will have the tour to the Barra del Rio Sucuri, the walk begins on a 400 meter path to the place where the visitor embarks on a boat that goes up the river for 1,300 meters contemplating the local landscape and the exuberant nature. Then, at the beginning of the river, the visitor starts snorkelling through the crystal clear waters of this river (the tour includes a snorkel mask). Time to relax and enjoy the enviroment. Return to the hotel.

Day 06 ⇒ Bonito – Rio da Prata & Parrot Canyon

Breakfast and walk to the Rio da Prata Ecological Lodge. Taking advantage of the beauty of the region the walk is carried out at the Estancia “Cabeceira do Prata”. Upon arriving at the ranch, the visitor is heading to the equipment room to prepare with everything necessary. Then start a 2km walk through primary jungle where it is possible to observe giant trees and botanical species characteristic of this region. It is also the opportunity to observe fauna. Arriving at a point at the beginning of the float, a brief preparation is made where the guide passes the instructions for the visitor before the start of the float. Once ready, the passenger begins a float for 2,500 meters in the transparent waters of the Rio da Prata. During the float, the visitor will be able to observe an immense variety of colorful fish and a rich underwater vegetation forming an unforgettable spectacle. The last part of the river, the visitor will have the option of following the tour in boats contemplating the surrounding nature. Return to the visitor center and lunch (included). Break.
At the end of the afternoon we leave for the Parrot Canyon, located in the municipality of Jardim very close to the Prata river. It is an immense crater nestled in the Cerrado with approximately 500 meters in circumference and 100 meters deep. A walkway around the canyon with stops for observation on two platforms shows all the beauty of the place with the parrots and other birds that inhabit the interior offering an unforgettable spectacle. After contemplating such a scene and its colorful inhabitants, I return to Bonito. Free night.

Day 07 ⇒ Bonito – Campo Grande

Breakfast and departure to Campo Grande with regular transfers at 04: 20hs, 07: 30hs or 10: 00hs. Arrival at Campo Grande airport (approximately 4 hours of travel).

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This is a taylormade program that can be adapted to passengers needs and wishes




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