05 Days – 04 Nights
Amazing adventures in Aysen


4 Night accommodation at Mallin Colorado Ecolodge. Full board basis.

The variety of landscapes you can find driving southern of Balmaceda airport, along Carretera Austral, in Chilean Patagonia, is one of the surprises you will find during your stay in Aysen. Kayaking inside the caves, walking over the ice and rafting on river Baker, plus visiting San Rafael Glacier will be an amazing experience.  During the whole trip, far behind, the huge Northern Ice Fields make the white color be part of the most beautiful landscape in Patagonia.
Balmaceda airport connects with main airports in Chile.



Day 01 ► Balmaceda Airport – Kayak in the Marble Caves – Mallin Colorado

Reception at Balmaceda airport and transfer during 5 hours to the lodge. It is a 220 kilometers trip, where you will see valleys and rivers, wild forests and mountains rocks. Later, drive along a thinner unpaved road, surrounded by wild lupines in springtime (Nov/Dec) arriving to lake General Carrera, a huge mass of calypso-colored water, the second biggest lake in Southamerica, after Titicaca.
Arrival in Puerto Tranquilo village, kayak excursion in the marble caves. Dinner and Lodging in Mallin Colorado Ecolodge.

Day 02 ► Ice trek over Exploradores Glacier

After breakfast, and two hours’ drive through the most pristine road to the Northern Icefields, it starts the walk towards glacier Exploradores. You will see the glacier first and have the possibility to walk on the ice plateau and several caves, and low hills of ice during three hours aprox. It is an incredible experience, surrounded by the white and cold ice, it is simply being in a complete different world.  At about 5PM you will start returning to the lodge. We provide you breakfast and box lunch for the day. Dinner and lodging in Mallin Colorado

Day 03 ► Rafting on river Baker – Mallin Colorado

This is a nice day. You will drive further south along Carretera Austral to the end of lake General Carrera and get to know river Baker. On the shores of Lake Bertrand starts the rafting adventure, soft, in a stunning landscape. After a coffee, you will drive back Mallin Colorado Ecolodge for lunch at about 14.00 hrs. There you will have a free afternoon in a nice spot to rest and recover to continue this adventure in Aysen.

Day 04 ► Navigation to San Rafael glacier

We leave the lodge at 6 o´clock in the morning and drive three hours to get to La Teresa, point where we start our expedition to San Rafael Glacier. In small boats for eight to ten people, we will navigate the fiords towards San Rafael Lagoon and stay about three hours viewing the huge wall of ice falling down into the water. You will get breakfast and lunch in the boat and come back at about 5PM to pick the car and drive back to Mallin Colorado. Dinner and lodging awaits for you there.

Day 05 ► Transfer to the airport

After breakfast, we drive you back to Balmaceda airport to connect with your flight.

End of our services


Our tour includes:

Ground transportation in Aysen
4 nights lodging
Full board during the whole stay
Kayak in the Marble Caves
Visit to San Rafael Glacier
Ice walk over glacier Exploradores
Rafting on river Baker
Bilingual guide


Does not include

Wines and beverages

This tour operates from September to April on private basis


This is a taylormade program that can be adapted to the passengers
needs and wishes


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